Remember before you had kids? When you got to be selfish? When you had time to do whatever you wanted. When all you had to worry about was doing your job and paying your bills. Hang out with your friends and spend hours at the gym!

Were you an athlete all your life but like time, that is now in your rearview mirror? With competitive sports in the past your training and health doesn’t have to be!

Well being a mother, wife, adult, we all know that fit selfish self is long gone. Everything you do is for your family. How many of you have gone hours before you realized you haven’t eaten? Now on top of the job to get to and bills to take care of you only had to worry about, you have hours that you used to spend sleeping, or hanging out with friends or going on dates, or going to the gym are now filled with getting kids ready for school, after school sports, cooking, cleaning, feeding and getting in quality time with your kids before bed and partner just to get up and do it all over again. Luckily with all that running around you do you are getting exercise but not as much as you want or need. We know there is barely a minute in the day for yourself.

Well being selfish just isn’t in the cards and we know family quality time is important so don’t sacrifice that time make getting and being healthy a fun family affair!