7 Absolutely Egg-cellent Easter Party Games for Your Kids

Who’s ready for some fun Easter party games for kids? I absolutely love our annual family Easter get-together. Unlike our Christmas party, I don’t feel pressured to buy gifts for everyone or bake 20 different kinds of cookies, for one thing! Plus it’s usually semi-nice outside, so we can take advantage of that to plan fun outdoor activities for the kids.

This year, Easter is a bit earlier than usual, so it may still be a little chilly and rainy outside. No worries, most of our Easter party games for kids can be played either indoors or outside. Let’s check them out!

Easter Party Games for Kids

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Bunny Hop

Bunny Hop is a fun game for kids to play. All you need are two pillows. The kids are divided into two teams. One person from each team starts the game by placing the pillow between their legs and tries to hop to the end of the room and then back to the starting line. The team that finishes first is the game winner. If it’s nice outside, you can take this game outdoors and make the “racetrack” even longer. For older kids, add challenging obstacles, like twists and turns or small objects that they have to jump over. Just don’t use your good pillows if you’re going outside!

Bunnies and Chicks

Nothing is needed to play this game except an open area. To play the game, divide the kids into two groups: one team are the bunnies and the other team are the chicks. The bunnies stand on one side of the room and the chicks on the other side. The bunnies are to hop around and the chicks are to flap their wings and make clucking sounds. The object is to tag a member of the opposite team, then they join your team. The team that wins is the one that has tagged all the member of the opposite team. Too rainy or cold to play outside? Clear the family room, then make it more challenging by sticking a small Post-It flag on each child (good spots include their back or their pant leg). Instead of simply tagging the opposite team member, you have to get their Post-It from them.

Easter Bowling

This game starts with a craft for older kids and ends with big fun for toddlers! Have your preschool and elementary school crew make up some bunny ears with construction paper. When they’re done, tape the ears to empty 2-liter bottles. Give your tots a lightweight ball to roll at them, a la bowling style. Check out more detailed directions and other Easter party games for toddlers!

When you're planning Easter party games for kids, don't forget the tiniest tots! Check out these fun Easter game for toddlers!

Carrot Toss

For this game, you will need 2 carrot bunches, 2 Hula hoops and some tape. Divide the kids into two teams. Place the Hula hoops are one end of the room, then use the tape to create a start line that is 6-7 feet away from the hoops. One person from each team goes first, trying to toss a carrot into the center of the Hula hoop. If someone misses, they are out of the game and the next person has their turn. The last one remaining from each team wins the game.

Guess the Number

To play Guess the Number game, you will need several bags of jellybeans, a large clear jar, paper and pencils. When you are filling the jar, be sure to count the number of jellybeans. Then, have each child write their name on a piece of paper along with their guess as to the number of jellybeans in the jar. The player who comes the closest wins the jellybean filled jar.

Egg Hunts

Looking for fun Easter party games for kids? Check out these five very cool new variations on Easter egg hunts! They're perfect for toddlers to teens!

When you’re planning Easter party games for kids, you can’t forget about the egg hunt! You can go the easy route and just hide some eggs around the house (or yard). Want to really spice things up, though? Check out five cool variations on Easter egg hunts! Ideas include everything from easy hunts with hidden prizes to more complex ideas for older kids, like clue-based hunts!

Games for Tweens and Teens

Easter party games for kids

Don’t forget the older kids! Check out a few fun Easter party games for teens and tweens too. My favorite is Easter Egg Taboo! Everyone starts with a basket of eggs and a word they can’t say. Each time they slip up, they lose an egg. The person who keeps their eggs the longest wins!

Your little ones will have a blast with these fun Easter party games for kids! Of course, we didn’t forget about the grown up! Get in on the fun with some Easter party games for adults too! Everyone will go home exhausted, but they’ll definitely remember your party for months after!

Does your family play any fun Easter party games for kids? Tell us about them in the comments!


Olfa Turki is a chartered accountant, a wife and a mom! She loves cooking with the kids, biking, reading books and drinking lots of coffee! Olfa now balances her family life with ownership and backend administration of websites such as MyKidsGuide.com, DogVills.com, LoveYouWedding.com .


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