5 Quick Bodyweight Butt Exercises

Train like a trainer with this butt workout that Katrina and Karena from Tone It Up love. The quick 20-rep sequence riffs on the simple bridge exercise. I tried it at last weekend’s Tone It Up retreat in Newport Beach, SelfCalifornia. The verdict: Total burner—and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

To start, come in to bridge position with your back on your mat and feet hip-width apart, heels near your butt and your hips raised to the sky. Now you’ll do 20 reps of each move below.

1. Bridge Thrusts

bridge thrusts

Driving all your weight into your heels, lower your hips down, tapping your booty on the ground and squeezing it as you raise hips back up.

2. Single-Leg Bridge Thrusts

single-leg bridge thrust

From bridge position, lift and extend your left leg in the air, so thighs are parallel, and repeat the motion above. Lower your hips down and drive all your weight into your right heel on the way up.

3. Inner Thigh Burner

inner thigh burner

Keeping your left leg up in the sky, raise your hips as high as you can. Holding that position, slowly and controlled open your left leg out to the side a few inches; then back in toward your midline. Be sure to keep your hips steady and stable.

**Now repeat Single-Leg Bridge Thrusts and Inner Thigh Burner on the other side**

4. March It Out

march it out

From your bridge position, keep your hips lifted and steady, and raise your left foot slightly off ground. Pause, then lower foot back to mat. Alternate sides with each rep.

5. Heat Wave

heat wave

From bridge position, swivel hips side-to-side squeezing each gorgeous booty cheek.

Finish with a simple stretch—like the figure 4 move—to release tension.
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