Christmas Cookies Kids Can Help Make

Baking and decorating cookies is a memory-making Christmas tradition that kids — regardless of their age — look forward to. Here are a dozen recipes that will get young bakers, artists, and cookie swappers into the holiday kitchen together. A plate of the finished products might even tempt Santa to sit and stay a while.

Crunchy Cereal Wreaths

No baking necessary for these crispy treats that kids will love to shape — while getting sticky hands! Marshmallow, coconut, and candy bows round out festive wreaths worthy of wowing a cookie swap gathering.

Gingerbread Men

The iconic Christmas cookie is a blank canvas for little artists. A palate of edible beads, buttons, and icing brings each gingerbread man to life.

Spice Crackles

Pumpkin pie spice and cocoa make basic sugar cookies unique, and colorful finishing sugars give kids free reign to make original crackles.

Sweet Stockings

Sugar cutouts of Christmas stockings are perfect stocking stuffers! Colorful royal icing and sprinkles make decorating as exciting as finding a full stocking on Christmas morning.

Snowflake Cookies

Icing, sparkly sugar crystals, and creativity in the kitchen prove that no two snowflakes are the same. These cutouts are as beautiful as they are buttery.

Peppermint Puffs

It’s as if a little bit of Christmas magic turns wispy whips of sweetened, billowy egg whites into light crunchy puffs. Flavored with peppermint, these meringue clouds are fancied up with a sprinkle of crushed candy canes.

Candy Cane Twists

Kids will love rolling and twisting colorful cookie dough into the shape of Christmas’ favorite candy.

Reindeer Gingerbread Cremes

These sandwich cookies will go down in history — just like Rudolph — as a famous Christmas favorite. From-scratch gingerbread dough cut in the likeness of Santa’s trusted sleigh-pullers come together two-by-two with creamy icing centers.

Mouse Macaroons

Candies, icing, and a little imagination turn these simple, chocolaty almond treats into cute Christmas critters. Shaping and decorating them is almost as much fun as opening Christmas gifts!

Star Cookie Trees

These tasty trees double as an impressive Christmas table centerpiece that everyone will love to assemble and eat. Store-bought sugar cookie dough keeps things simple, leaving extra fun for icing, decorating, and building.

Chocolate Malt Crinkles

Surprise Santa with a malty twist on a basic chocolate cookie. Kids will love rolling the dough in powdered sugar and watching the crinkles form as the cookies bake.



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